“Vectra Technologies Trading & Services“


A multifaceted Trading and Services Company Providing for the Needs of the Customers

VECTRA Technologies Trading and Services WLL, was established in Qatar, with the aspiration to cater to the Middle East Region. The founding Partners have combined trading and services experience with a combined expertise of over five decades. We have extensive capability to source products from a worldwide network offering an excellent opportunity for Customer’s business.

The core strength and ability of the organization includes, independently conducting international and local trading on behalf of the Customer, utilizing expertise, experience, and vast networks of contacts.

The VECTRA-Tech approach is innovative in exploring unbounded boundaries, uncharted markets, and new arenas of competition. We will pioneer new trades by overcoming limitations and partnering with our customers for prosperity, business growth and to form successful ventures.

Vision statement :

Aspiring to support customers in engineering solutions and innovation, strategic business growth and spearhead successful collaboration.

Mission statement : 

Mission: Our mission is to “Become leading solution provider, engage relevant stakeholders, optimize processes, provide engineered solutions, and ensure rapid and efficient operations”.

Our mission is to understand individual customer needs, engage relevant stakeholders, optimize processes, and provide customized solutions. The goal is to develop strategic business solutions, ensuring rapid and efficient operations. We aspire to support our customers in strategic growth and to spearhead a successful partnership with each of them.

The name VECTRA is synonymous with Speed and Steady Progress. Dynamism and speed with which the VECTRA operation’s Team understands the needs and expectations of the Clients to develop a customized solution. At VECTRA we inspire and motivate the team and the stakeholders to generate ideas, innovations, and catalysts for tailormade solutions for Trading and Services businesses, and
deliver them promptly. The inspiration is matched with incentives to keep the team vibrant and dynamic. We work with an ambitious approach and aim to succeed in the growth of our client organization and our own, as well.